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7 Recreational Activities Near El Dorado Hills & Folsom

Rafting down the South Fork of the American River

7 Recreational Activities Near El Dorado Hills & Folsom


What is there to do in El Dorado Hills & Folsom, California? We have you covered with the guide to the best recreational activities in the area.


As a local real estate company that specializes in helping people buy and sell homes in Folsom & El Dorado Hills, we love bringing you all the great local content we can.

Although our Realtors and Real Estate Website are focused on assisting homebuyers with their move to Folsom/El Dorado Hills, we like to keep you informed on all of the good things Folsom/El Dorado Hills has to offer! If you are moving to Folsom/El Dorado Hills, reach out to one of our Folsom Lake Realty Real Estate Agents and let us know how we can help with your move to the area!  

Looking for things to do in Folsom/El Dorado Hills? Whether you’re new to the area or a long time local, there are always new things to learn about our community. Stick with us while we take you on a tour of the best recreational activities in the area. 


If you’re looking for a relaxing and educational day with your kids, look no further! Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary is the perfect place to be. An assortment of animals and a park around the corner make for a great day! Don’t forget to get your tickets for the train ride! 


The perfect day off doesn’t exist… or does it? Folsom Lake is a great place to spend quality time with family or enjoy nature on your own. Whether you’re out on the boat for the day or hiking on one of the many trails, you can’t go wrong! Water sports are big here and provide a fun way to relieve the summer heat. Make sure to pack a picnic, as the sunsets are impeccable. 


An experience of a lifetime! A short trip in exchange for a day of excitement and thrill. Whitewater rafting is exhilarating! The staff makes sure you have a good time while managing your safety. Once you go, you’ll have the immediate urge to do it again! 


If whitewater rafting and exotic animals isn’t enough then tune in for Quarry Park Adventures! You’re guaranteed to have a thrilling day between rock climbing, ziplining, and tree courses. If you’re scared of heights, get ready to conquer your fears! 


After observing the mammals at Folsom Zoo, make your way over to SeaQuest! There are wallabies, capybaras, pythons, monitor lizards and many more sea life! Enjoy a hands-on experience by feeding the sharks & stingrays. A clean sanctuary and happy employees make your experience even more enjoyable. 


When I think of California, I immediately think of the summer heat. What better way to beat the heat than a waterpark! A great location and easily accessible. This park is great for young children. Between the playground, water features, and picnic area, you’ll be ready for a power nap!  


If you have a need for speed then don’t hesitate to come out to the kart track! This family owned track and environment make the experience 10x better! Electric karts don’t have the same impression as these real gas go karts! If you’re still not sold, feel free to come out for the racing series where the professionals race!


Final thoughts on the best recreational activities near Folsom & El Dorado Hills…

With Folsom & El Dorado Hills growing so fast it's hard to keep up with all of the new activities popping up all over.

When it comes to the best activities near Folsom & El Dorado Hills, you will find some of the best places spread throughout the county, as well as in neighboring towns. It's likely you'll find some amazing activities near Folsom & El Dorado Hills located close to your home as well if you're now living here. 

Have an activity you love that didn't make our list? Drop us a comment below and we will be sure to check it out!

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